Watch out for these hazards when young kids are visiting your home

Childproofing tips for your home

If you have young children, or expect a visit from friends or relatives with little ones in tow, it pays to ensure your home is free of hazards. The last thing you want is an injury that could have easily been prevented.Here are some basic childproofing tips.• • Remove everything that is toxic, hot or sharp, from within reach of achild. (For example, the leaves of some types of house plants aretoxic.) • If possible, keep children out of the kitchen while cooking. • Install plug-in covers in electrical outlets. (These are inexpensive andcan be purchased at any hardware store.) • Block or gate off areas where kids may fall. • Remove "pulling down" hazards, such as a heavy plant that a childcan pull off a table. • Make sure there are screens on all open windows.•Finally, watch your pets. Even the most gentle dog or cat can act unpredictably around children – especially if they're not used to them.