Citygate: Keeping Vancouver Spectacular

A message from the members of the Citygate Team:

Dear Citygate Residents,

May is "Keeping Vancouver Spectacular" month.  Citygate will be joining other teams to participate in the Chinatown Cleaning Campaign hosted by Vancouver Chinatown Merchants Association and Chinatown Plaza Tenants Association.  This year, it will be held on May 25th, Sunday from 9:30 am to around 11:30 am.

Citygate team will clean the area bounded by Terminal, Main, Milross Ave and Quebec. If you wish to be a member of our Citygate team, please email me at "", or call me at 604-681-2768.  I will contact you and we will meet as a group and walk to Chinatown Plaza.

Thank you, and look forward to hearing from many of you.

Cynthia Wong
#1004 - 1188 Quebec Street